Russula chloroides. Blue Band Brittlegill

Note the turqoise-blue line between the apex of the stem and the gills.

Note too that the gills are easily removed from the cap.


The Blue Band Brittlegill (turkis traktkremle) is often mistaken for the larger
Milk-white brittlegill/Traktkremle, which is more rarely found in Norway.
The Russula chloroides is often considered the European counterpart to the North American R. brevipes.



One thought on “Russula chloroides. Blue Band Brittlegill

  1. Beautiful photos. I like seeing the ‘light blue turquoise blue line’ for Milk White Brittle Gill, and all the other ephemeral ‘bruising’ clues for the others.
    Next, I going to look up the park you’ve been frequenting!

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