Porcini crackers

Skip the chocolates and wine. Give a Valentine’s gift that cannot be bought from a store. Give your loved one porcini crackers!


2 dl wholemeal rye flour

2 dl oats (rolled or steel cut, NOT instant)

2 dl oat bran

2 dl sesame seeds

2 dl pumpkin seeds

1 dl wheat bran

1 dl flaxseed (crushed)

1 tsp porcini salt

7 dl water

Heat oven. 175 degrees C.

Mix all ingredients and let the mixture swell. At least 30 min.

Line 3 trays with parchment paper.

Spread the cracker mixture on the trays, right up to the edges.

THIS TAKES TIME. NOT EASY. I usually place a plastic cling wrap the size of the tray on top of the mixture and spread it out with my fingers and hands. You can also use a small rolling pin.

Use a blunt knife/pizza wheel to make lines in the mixture – so that it is easier to break off the crackers when they are done.

Bake for 35-40 min. I bake all three trays at the same time. Take care they don’t burn.

Then you have to DRY the crisps. I remove the parchment paper, break off the pieces and turn them over. Low heat. 60 degrees C. Put a matchstick box at the oven door to let out the steam.

When the crisps are super crispy, they are done!

Put them all in a tin without the lid on so that they continue to air dry.

Do resist the temptation to close the tin before the crackers are completely cooled.


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