Mushrooms for dessert

The usual way to eat mushrooms is to make something savory with them. There is, theoretically speaking, nothing to prevent us having mushrooms for dessert. Mushroom flavor is a flavor, like any other. The only thing stopping us is our mind and mental blocks: we have learned that mushrooms are good savory. This is true.

However, we can also learn that mushrooms are tasty sweet, as a dessert. In my blog, I have written about chanterelle toffeechanterelle marmaladeporcini cake,cookies and porcini marshmallow. Obviously, mushrooms for dessert is an exciting area that has great potential.

Have you heard of mushroom ice cream? The mushrooms used are candy cap mushrooms (Lactarius camphoratus) which are supposed to taste of both maple syrup and nuts. Sounds super delicious to me.

Yellow Foot Chanterelle Mushroom Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Bacon by Chef Robert W. from Friends School of Baltimore.

Recipe for Candy Cap Mushroom Ice Cream

Another Candy Cap Ice Cream recipe. And yet another.




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