Boogie your fungus

Fungal Boogie by Zoe Wood and Larry Evans features 13 songs about fungi, edible and otherwise, in a range of musical styles that includes blues, calypso, polka, and rockabilly. Zoe’s guitar is accompanied by percussion, bass, cello, and even harpsichord as she sings about Agaricus, Amanita, Psathyrella, Naematoloma and other remarkable aspects of the Fungal Jungle. 10% of the proceeds of the sales of this CD go to the Western Montana Mycological Association.

Below is the track listing of the CD with MP3 samples.
    1. I Just Like Morels Too Much (763 kb)
    2. King Alfred’s Cakes (510 kb)
    3. Pink Bottom Blues (608 kb)
    4. All About The Russula (525 kb)
    5. Get Some Mycology (630 kb)
    6. Fly Agaric (395 kb)
    7. Collybia, Collybia (1,010 kb)
    8. Fe Fi Pholiota (925 kb)
    9. Bolete Polka (444 kb)
    10. Psathyrella (560 kb)
    11. Naematoloma (494 kb)
    12. Stinkhorn Lowdown (646 kb)
    13. Silly Sided Mushrooms (557 kb)

Click here to read the song lyrics.

  To receive Fungal Boogie by mail, send $15 check or money order payable to Larry Evans. Address the envelope to:
PO Box 7306
Missoula, MT 59807