The 1st Oslo Mycophagists’ Table

The scene of the first gathering of 
mycophagists (one that eats fungi) in Oslo, Norway.
I had announced the initiative before Xmas that I would arrange 
a potluck dinner early this year, 
modelled after the NYMS Mycophagists Table,
Eight adventurous souls rose to the occasion.
And what an unusual and fun evening of good food, drink and company we had!
Mushroom pâté with sherry and miso served with mushroom bread
Smoked reindeer heart served with white truffle caviar on traditional “flat bread” from Røros
Pickled Saffron Milkcaps (Lactarius deliciosus)
Mushroom tart
Main courses:
Porcini ravioli in porcini sauce
Portobello mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese on a bed of zucchini and thyme
Reindeer in cream sauce with juniper berries and winter chanterelles, served with homemade red currrant jelly
Green salad with winter chanterelle vinaigrette
Blue cheese with winter chanterelle marmelade, served with homemade crackers
Cake with caramelized porcini topping