Cold, pressed meat with mushrooms

I added a mushroom twist to a traditional Norwegian Xmas dish, “ribbesylte”, a cold cut of spiced pressed meat (and fat). Check the step-by-step photos in the Norwegian link.

1. Crush dried mushrooms.
Make a spice mixture of crushed mushrooms, fennel, allspice, cloves, salt and pepper.
Powdered ginger is also traditionally used.
I left out the ginger as I though the other spices went better with the mushrooms.

2. In a casserole, simmer pork (e.g. a side of ribs, including skin)
in water with bay leaves, Szechuan pepper and star anise.
You need to be patient. Wait until the pork is cooked, about an hour or so.
Let the meat cool.

3. Cut the cooked pork skin and leave it aside.
Then separate the meat from the fat. 

Cover a bread tin with a clean kitchen towel.
Place a layer of cooked pork skin at the bottom of the tin.
Sprinkle mushroom spice  mixture
as you layer and pack pieces of meat and fat.
Tie tightly with string.
Return to casserole with stock and simmer for a further hour.

Remove from casserole and weigh it down.
Ideally, 6 kg or so.
Finally, you get to put your dumbbells to use.
A couple of bread tins will complete the trick.

After a day in the fridge, slice and eat with mustard, horseradish or wasabi sauce.
A side dish of pickled red beets or sauerkraut made from red cabbage would also be a good match.

The verdict: delicious, but double the amount of dried mushrooms next time for more
mushroom omph.

I have once made a halal/kosher version with turkey/chicken,
layering with meat from the thigh and breast.