Passover Mushroom Pâté

A member of the New York Mycological Society served 
a yummy mushroom pâté 
for the Seder dinner that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

My host willingly shared her recipe:

Lemon juice
Salt and pepper 

1. Toast nuts. 
2. Heat neutral oil in pan. Add sliced mushrooms. Store bought white button mushrooms and cremini were used. Set aside. (Imagine the flavor if you had wild mushrooms! Look for some dried ones at the back of your cupboard. They can only intensify the mushroomy flavor.) 
3. Saute onions until soft. 
4. Give the mushroom and onion mixture a couple of blitzes in a blender.
5. Add touch of lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Scoop pâté with ice cream scoop. Top with carrots.
7. The mushroom pâté was served with delicious homemade matzo rolls. Here is another matzo roll recipe with more eggs.

Kosher. And Halal too.

Some other variations on the theme:
Mushroom and cream cheese pâté
Mushroom pâté with beans
Exotic mushroom pâté with wild mushrooms
From Martha Stewart, with cream cheese and a touch of tabasco  

Mushroom pâté is a dish which is delicious enough to stand on its own feet; though no one at the Seder dinner last night used the awful words “Mock Chopped Liver”, chopped liver with chicken fat (!) is the relevant cultural reference here. Just the name “Mock Chopped Liver” alone can put anything off food for a while.  

Why do some vegetarians/vegans have such low self esteem that the nice stuff they eat is mock something or other? Just check the Chinese vegetarian menus for examples of what I mean. Indian vegetarians, on the other hand, know their lentils and are proud of it.